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"I’ll see you soon Agnes, in 7 weeks."

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Mrs Brown on homosexual marriage - Series 3, episode 6

Mrs Brown:Father Damien, I wanted to make some arrangement to have Rory's marriage blessed in the church.
Father Damien:Mrs Brown, Rory and Dino will never be married in the eyes of the church
Mrs Brown:I know that I'm just looking for a blessing of some sort
Father Damien:Look, the church wont bless something it not only doesn't recognise, but is against
Mrs Brown:Exactly what is it against?
Father Damien:The church's position on marriage is that it can only exist between a man and a woman
Mrs Brown:I know that, but what's the church's position on love?
Father Damien:Well there are many different types of love, like love for one's family is completely different to love for one's pet
Mrs Brown:Really? And what's the difference?
Father Damien:Sorry?
Mrs Brown:Explain the difference of those two loves.
Mrs Brown:Look, father, I know Rory and Dino would need the pope's permission to get married in the church. But they don't need anybody's permission to fall in love. And as for the ceremony, I don't give a shite if they jump over a brush. But you show me in any Bible anywhere where Jesus Christ refused to sanctify love.
Mrs Brown:Noah's Ark, now that's made up, love.
Mormon 1:No ma'am!
Mrs Brown:No, son, think about it. Think about it!
Mormon 1:I have ma'am, I have!
Mrs Brown:It rained for forty days and for forty nights?
Mormon 2:Yes ma'm that's right!
Mrs Brown:And they called it a disaster?
Mormon 1:Yes ma'am!
Mrs Brown:In Ireland we call it the fuckin' summer!
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